Jade Plancha Spotlight

April Bloomfield cooking on her Jade Range in The Breslin.

Jade Plancha Spotlight

Made for Chefs

Demand for Plancha cooking had been building in the U.S. for years as chefs would bring to the U.S. cooking techniques learned from overseas. Some Chefs would use a manually controlled griddle to mimic the heat and cooking profile of a Plancha but without the benefit of a trough all around for quick and simple cleaning. In November 2004 Jim Menasco of C.D.F. arranged a meeting between Lex Poulos and Daniel Boulud at this restaurant in NYC. The parameters were agreed on and the first units shipped in March 2005 for the opening of the Wynn Resort in April 2005. The line of Jade Plancha's has grown from a single 36" gas unit to anywhere from 18"-72" in both gas and electric.

Plancha Highlights

  • Plancha top with 5/8" thick polished steel plate
  • Manual controls
  • Multiple heat zones for diversified cooking
  • Variable size multi-point gas connection
  • 14 gauge stainless steel grease trough
  • Stainless steel front, sides and stub back
  • Stainless steel 6" plate shelf
  • 3/4" gas regulator
  • Available in 18", 24", 30", 36" and 72" sizes

Combine your Plancha with the High Mass Finishing Oven - the interior of the standard oven bottom is engineered with 1/2'' thick steel plate for superior heating consistency, temperature evenness and temperature recovery. Couple it with a 650 Degree thermostat and you have one powerful tool and you have... THE BEST FINISHING OVEN AROUND


Oven Base (PDF)
JTRH-36IPS-36 Spanish Style, 30'' plate, standard 36''oven base
JTRH-36IPS-36C Spanish Style, 30'' plate, 36'' convection oven base
JTRH-30IPS-30 Spanish Style, 24'' plate, 30'' oven base

Cabinet Base (PDF)
JTRH-36IPS Spanish Style, 30'' plate, 36'' cabinet base (two sear zones)
JTRH-30IPS Spanish, 24'' plate, 30'' cabinet base (one sear zone)
JTRH-24IPS Spanish, 18'' plate, 24'' cabinet base (one sear zone)
JTRH-18IPS Spanish, 12'' plate, 18'' cabinet base (one sear zone)
* Options: 1) cabinet base door 2) intermediate shelf 3) legs or casters

Modular (PDF)
JMRH-36IPS Spanish Style, 30'' plate (two sear zones)
JMRH-30IPS Spanish Style, 24'' plate (one sear zone)
JMRH-24IPS Spanish Style, 18'' plate (one sear zone)
JMRH-18IPS Spanish Style, 12'' plate (one sear zone)
Options: 1) floor length legs 2) 3'' legs 3) refrigeration base mounted Fire & Ice system

Chefs that use Jade