Chinese Wok Range

Jade Range Chinese Wok Ranges are are customized to your specification.  Jade Range has a multitude of options available so you can tailor to your exact needs.  With your choice of 1 through 6 wok hole chambers, burner types (Jet or 3-Ring), Gas inlet location, Water drain location and faucet type (Swing-on or Manual), you can rest assured we have a model that is perfect for you.  The new and Jade-unique Dry-Flow feature allows for use without the need for constant water flow as well.


• Heavy gauge stainless steel front, sides, interior angle structuring, plate shelf, top, sides & pipe legs
• Range top 12 gauge stainless steel angle iron and reinforced with 10 gauge steel burner chamber
• Heavy gauge steel body structure
• Each burner individually controlled—each hole has individual main “shut-off” valve
• Heavy-duty stainless steel pipe legs with adjustable feet for leveling
• Stainless steel tubular rack provided for holding wok covers
• Top-cooling water flow is controlled by independent valve— water flows through perforated stainless steel tube running the length of the appliance, beneath 14 gauge stainless steel front plate shelf
• Gas inlet and water drain location are available (by specification) at either end on rear of appliance
• Appropriate size wok, cover and drip pan for each hole
• Stainless steel drip pan for each hole
• One faucet kit for every two holes
• Spice tray
• 1-1/4″ gas regulator


Spec Sheet

Additional Options

• Noodle Blanching Station in lieu of a wok hole

• Rear Waterfall / Front Gutter option

• Wok ring reducer / adapter for use with small woks on larger wok hole

• Dry-Flow option with dual chamber design reduces heat transfer to wok range top & eliminates the need for continuous water flow

• Low-profile back riser or tubular high shelf

• Modular style to be mounted on customized refrigerated base

Models Available

JCR-1One Hole Chinese Wok Range
JCR-2Two Hole Chinese Wok Range
JCR-3Three Hole Chinese Wok Range
JCR-4Four Hole Chinese Wok Range
JCR-5Five Hole Chinese Wok Range
JCR-6Six Hole Chinese Wok Range