Mesquite Broiler Modular

Jade Mesquite Broilers are ultra heavy-duty, solid fuel (meaning no gas, only wood or charcoal) specialty broilers.  Ideal for getting that wood or charcoal cooked texture and flavor.  Special counter design allows for use with most any countertop space or on top of an equipment stand.


• One-piece fuel container (body)—deep drawn from heavy plate stock quality steel
• 2″ thick hi-temp refractive ceramic insulating liner bonded to interior liner
• Completely mobile—no gas “hook-up” (recommended fuel is mesquite chips)
•2” thick high temp refractory lining

•12 gauge steel interior box

•14 gauge stainless steel exterior

•Steel bar grates

•Tool kit (copper brush, wood poker and shovel)

modular solid fuel broiler
modular solid fuel broiler

Spec Sheet

Additional Options

• Stainless steel 8″ extended plate shelf

• Stainless steel side shelves

• 12 gauge consumable rear interior guard

• 12 gauge stainless steel cabinet base

• Mount on Jade Refrigerated Low-Height Base (JRLH series)

• Cabinet base option available

• Heavy duty casters (for refrigerated base or cabinet base)

Models Available

JMBR-LB2424" Mesquite Broiler Modular
JMBR-LB3636" Mesquite Broiler Modular
JMBR-4848" Mesquite Broiler Modular
JMBR-LB6060" Mesquite Broiler Modular
JMBR-LB7272" Mesquite Broiler Modular