Mesquite Broiler Rectangular

Jade Mesquite Broilers are ultra heavy-duty, solid fuel (meaning no gas, only wood or charcoal) specialty broilers.  Ideal for getting that wood or charcoal cooked texture and flavor.  Includes unique counter-balance cooking surface for temperature control


• One-piece fuel container (body)—deep drawn from heavy plate stock quality steel
• 1″ thick hi-temp refractive ceramic insulating liner bonded to interior liner
• Completely mobile—no gas “hook-up” (recommended fuel is mesquite chips)
• Cooking grids can be independently raised or lowered by the unique balance mechanism to control product temperature requirements
• Grids are manufactured from quality steel rod and plate, and welded for extra strength and long life
• Superstructure shield constructed from 14 gauge stainless steel, removable without tools
• Body has front cleaning hatch for easy removal of ashes
• 3″ casters, front two locking


Spec Sheet

Additional Options

• Stainless steel 8″ extended plate shelf

Models Available

JMBR-2424" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-3030" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-3636" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-4242" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-4848" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-6060" Mesquite Broiler
JMBR-7272" Mesquite Broiler