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From its inception in 1968, Jade Range LLC has been committed to providing the best in quality cooking equipment. Today, this commitment continues as we strive to deliver a durable, efficient, sustainable product with an unbeatable two year parts and labor warranty.

With a vision towards the future, Jade Range is continually redefining technology with regards to design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and customer-oriented service.

Company Overview

Jade Range– Performance and Durability What professional chef doesn’t want to open the restaurant of his dreams? Whether it’s an intimate neighborhood boîte or a destination mega-restaurant, the success of every great restaurant starts in the kitchen. With aspirations to be the best commercial range, come obsessions with cooking on the best, and that means using Jade Range. Just ask the chefs that use Jade.

In a survey of over 700 professional chefs, respondents revealed that poor oven and pilot performance were their biggest complaints about the commercial ranges they are currently using. The most significant factor affecting commercial range performance is the cleaning process.


Often chefs will shut off their range at the end of a night’s service only to come back the next day and find that it doesn’t work properly – the equipment has been trashed in cleaning from a combination of aggressive water and caustic cleaning chemicals. But Jade ranges, which have been manufactured since 1968, are built for performance and durability. The #304 stainless steel ranges contain a higher nickel content than most others. (Steel is an alloy metal, meaning that it is a combination of metals and other elements.) The more nickel, the stronger the stainless steel, and the more able to withstand extreme pressure and harsh cleaning agents.

Quality Materials Inside and Out

Practically every one of the respondents to the StarChefs commercial range range survey complained that the pilots are always going out in their ranges. Typically a range’s pilot tubes are made of brass or aluminized steel – weaker metals which, again, are susceptible to potent cleaners.

But Jade Range pilot tubes and tips are #304 stainless steel. Its burners are constructed with a lift-off burner head with a single piece of venturi (the long thin piece that plugs into the valve), making it easy to clean without losing efficiency over time. The commercial range’s top grates are polished steel, unlike other grates that are cast iron and tend to rust and break down over time – and they’re guaranteed for life.

All-Welded Construction

In addition to using heavier gauge materials, Jade ranges withstand the test of time because of their all-welded frame. The metal in all commercial ranges continually expands and contracts with the heating and cooling down of the equipment. The nuts and bolts that hold most range frames together are especially susceptible to heat and contraction.

Over time, the joints weaken and eventually fall apart. Welding joints together using bead welds is like using more glue. Other manufacturers may weld their commercial ranges together in a couple of places, but the rest is joined by nuts and bolts. Jade’s all-welded construction holds up over time.

Customized Kitchen Equipment to Suit Every Chef's Style

Beyond consistent performance and durability, perhaps the most exciting facet of choosing Jade is the company’s ability to customize your dream kitchen, no matter how big or small.

Beyond commercial ranges, Jade Range offers a complete line of heavy-duty cooking systems to meet virtually every foodservice need. You can create just about any configuration of open-burner ranges, with griddle tops, broilers, fryers, and refrigerated bases.

Jade also manufactures gas counter equipment including griddles, broilers, salamanders, cheese melters and hot plates. The company offers a customizable island suite that is geared toward a chef’s personal style of cooking, and creates multiple workstations to organize your kitchen most efficiently.

The most telling proof point is that Jade’s notable chef clients have ordered second and third Jade Ranges for their growing restaurant empires.

Professional Kitchen Equipment Designed with Chefs for Chefs

If you’re looking to create an entirely new piece of cooking equipment, Jade’s engineers can build it for you. That’s how the Plancha was recently created. When Daniel Boulud was building his new brasserie at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, he and his design team had planned to install griddles in the kitchen but they had concerns about the kind of temperatures they could they generate on the traditional griddle.

Working with Jade, Chef Boulud designed his ideal piece of equipment that is able to cook multiple pieces of food simultaneously on a flat surface which is able to reach incredibly high temperatures with appropriate ventilation and runoff receptacles. The design was so successful that the Plancha is catching on with chefs across the country.

Currently Jade is working with Chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Stanley Wong of Spice Market to develop a satay broiler that uses infrared heat to caramelize small pieces of meat. It’s a kind of super-heat that will cook the meat quickly without drying it out.

Think Jade

So when it comes time for your dream kitchen – or if you’re ready to upgrade your current setup –

just ask America’s top chefs what commercial range they use. They’ll tell you that they use Jade.