Jade Range Cheesemelters are perfect for finishing product in any kitchen, big or small.  Cheesemelters use an over-fired infrared burner and have a 3-position, chrome-plated wire rack.  They are available in both Range-mounted and Wall-mounted options.

• Stainless steel front, sides, interior, top and bottom
• High power infrared burners
• Stainless steel top
• 2″ thick insulated bottom shelf
• 14 gauge all welded construction
• Stainless steel gas tubing throughout
• One stainless steel pilot tip per burner
• Heavy gauge wall mount bracket
• 3/4″ gas regulator (shipped loose, MUST be installed for proper operation.)

o Stainless steel outer back panel for range mount unit
o Interconnect gas line (for single gas connection when mounting cheesemelter on range)

o Pass-Thru – add “-PT” to end of model number

o Double Pass-Thru – add “-DPT” to end of model number (Contact Factory for details)
o Extra Shelf – add “+1” to end of model number (adds 4-5/8″ to height)

o Range Mount – add “RM” to end of model number

  • JCM-24 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-36 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-48 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-60 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-72 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-84 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-96 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-108 ,Cheesemelter
  • JCM-120,Cheesemelter