Chinese Barbeque

Jade Chinese Barbeque's are perfect for cooking chickens, ducks, turkeys or any other poultry with our special, high-capacity cooking skewers and hooks.

• Made from heavy gauge steel—cabinet completely insulated
• Stainless steel door and sides
• Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet
• Stainless steel sides and top
• Easy-to-clean, burners protected from port blockage
• Thermostatically controlled with thermostat out of high heat zone
• Automatic safety pilot
• All controls easily accessible
• Door hinges available for Left o or Right o opening
• Concealed 3/4″ manifold
• Large capacity grease pan
• 6 special cooking skewers and 10 hooks
• 3/4″ gas regulator
• Stainless steel grease can

o 6″ casters, front two locking (5″ diameter wheel)
o 36″ flex hose with quick disconnect and restraining device
o 48″ flex hose with quick disconnect and restraining device

  • JCBBQ-24,24" Chinese Barbeque
  • JCBBQ-30,30" Chinese Barbeque
  • JCBBQ-36,36" Chinese Barbeque