Rotating Griddle

Jade Rotating Griddle is perfect for warming & toasting breads & tortillas.  Add the gutter option and you gain the ability to cook meats and other grease producing products on the unit.  The all-welded, robust design is unmatched in the industry

• Stainless steel outer shroud
• Stainless steel base cabinet
• Sturdy base body constructed of 1″ square stainless steel tubing
• Adjustable feet
• Top quality, state-of-the-art motor controls
• Adjustable, variable speeds as low as 3 rpm
• Comes complete with six foot, 3-prong power cord, 115/60/1, 10.0 amps
• All panels removable for cleaning
• Burners can be removed through hatch cover in burner box
• Outer stainless shroud can be lowered or removed easily
• Pilot easily accessible for lighting and viewing through slot in front of shroud (aided by electric spark igniter)
• Gas controls complete with 100% safety valve and approved regulator
• Burner control valves easily accessible
• Comes equipped with special shaft adjusting tool
• Controls have “Power On” switch, “Power On” light and “Motor On” light with built-in fuses
• 5/8″ thick round steel plate
• Heavy ball bearing housings at top and bottom of drive shaft
• 3/4″ gas regulator

o 6″ casters, front two locking (5″ diameter wheel)
o 36″ flex hose with quick disconnect and restraining device
o 48″ flex hose with quick disconnect and restraining device

  • JTRG-34,34" Rotating Tortilla Griddle
  • JTRG-48,48" Rotating Tortilla Griddle
  • JTRG-34G,34" Rotating Griddle with Gutter
  • JTRG-48G,48" Rotating Griddle with Gutter