Masseria - DC

Masseria, Chef Nicholas Stefanelli’s first restaurant, is a celebration of big, harmonious flavors and the fine Italian cooking that shaped Chef’s palate as a child. The restaurant is named for the charming agricultural estates of the Puglia region, where Chef Stefanelli’s family heritage is rooted. With such inspiration, Chef Stefanelli approaches hosting guests in his own restaurant as more of a lifestyle than a profession, taking the pretense out of fine dining in favor of heartfelt hospitality and honest cooking. Featuring an open-air courtyard with relaxed seating, a covered pergola seating area, and an indoor sala with a view of the seafoam green-tiled open kitchen, Masseria, an exclusive restaurant for 60 guests, brings together the rustic but welcoming aesthetic of an Italian country estate, the industrial grit of the Union Market district, and the undeniable chic of its fashion-savvy chef-owner.

Courtesy of Masseria