Titan Bases

Titan range bases are available in a multitude of options, all tailor fit to meet your specific needs. Jade Range offers convection ovens, standard ovens, self-contained refrigeration, remote refrigeration, cabinet base or modular legs. Whatever you need, Jade Range has you covered.

Base Options for Titan

Cabinet Base

Choose a cabinet base for your Titan cooktop when additional oven is not needed in the kitchen and there is need for more cabinet space. Titan cabinet bases are built of 14 gauge all stainless steel welded body construction. The cabinet is stainless inside as well as outside for unrivaled durability. A few of the available options include stainless steel doors and an intermediate shelf both built to demanding specifications.

Standard Oven

The Standard Oven is provided with 14 gauge stainless steel all welded construction, a stainless steel oven interior with a removable bottom, and two chrome plated oven racks. The oven’s burner runs at 35,000 BTU. 

Convection Oven

The Convection Oven has a ventilator in its center back which helps to provide better heat circulation inside the oven base. The oven’s burner runs at 30,000 BTU.

High Mass Oven

Jade’s High Mass Oven has a 1/2” thick steel plate interior bottom that provides a large surface area for great high temperature heat absorption resulting in efficient heat radiation for unequaled even heating, fast temperature recovery and infrequent burner cycling. European influenced for a truly the superior performing oven. The oven comes standard with a 650°F Thermostat. The oven door is fully seal-welded and made out of stainless steel.


All Titan tops can be ordered with a modular base. Choose a modular base for your range when additional oven or cabinet space is not needed in the kitchen. The stainless steel tubular legs feature adjustable feet for easy leveling and modular ranges are easy to clean underneath which helps to maintain healthy environment. When ordered with a modular base the cook top can be mounted onto our refrigeration bases. The JMRH top must be paired with the proper refrigerated base. Modular ranges are built to the same demanding Titan specifications as all other bases and ranges.

Space Saver Oven

The Titan Space Saver Oven is 30″ giving you the same power in a smaller footprint.

Fire & Ice

Jade Titan™ Fire and Ice™ makes it possible for you to do more in less space, with less movement by putting everything you need right at your fingertips. Choose ranges with open burners, griddles, broilers, hot tops or French tops, combined with remote or self- contained two-, four-, or six-drawer refrigerated bases, freezer bases or stainless steel oven bases. Many options are available as standard equipment to bring unparalleled convenience and flexibility to your cooking line in individual or battery installations. That means whether you need to boil it, broil it, bake it, fry it or refrigerate it, Titan Fire and Ice puts what you need where you need it to maximize efficiency and productivity.

  • Drawer interiors, front face and sides to be stainless steel
  • Drawers and cabinet are 100% polyurethane”Shot-In-Place” foam insulated
  • Drawer faces have flush mount pull handle. Face andback to be stainless steel
  • Self closing drawers have 14 gauge stainless steel track,with 2″ heavy-duty skate wheel
  • Heavy-duty rubber drawer gaskets
  • Drawers to be easily removable for cleaning
  • Drawers to accommodate 6″ deep 12″ x 20″ hotel pans
  • Specially designed high density breaker strips installedduring the foaming process, without any visible fasteners
  • Face mounted dial thermometers
  • Internal conduit for single point electrical connection
  • Sleeves for refrigeration and drain lines
  • Stainless steel 6″ adjustable legs
  • Blower coil evaporator with R-404 expansion valveunless otherwise specified

Self-Contained Spec Sheet
Remote Spec Sheet